Costiera Amalfitana

Winding high above the Mediterranean Sea on narrow roads that hug white rock cliffs, blue-green water below, sparkling in the sunshine. Even in a tour bus, the Amalfi Coast drive is spectacular.

We were told not to bother trying to drive the famous, bucket-listed road from Sorrento to Positano ourselves–too many daring Italian drivers and too much we’d want to look at. We almost skipped it altogether at the thought of having to be crammed onto a hot and smelly bus of tourists and cameras. But we lucked out and enjoyed the exact opposite. An air-conditioned one almost all to ourselves! Though on the way back, we did get in a minor accident. A fun addition to the day :) The driver was fuming, there was yelling and hands were flying, and a gnarly traffic jam. I’m surprised more don’t happen with the hair-pin twists and turns! At least they go with hitting the car, rather than swerving to miss, which would send us all into the ocean!

Though the towns of Praiano, Positano and Amalfi were charming, the drive was the highlight for us. Around every near-death twist and turn in the road, one spectacular view unfolded after the next. Words fail to describe it. Like much of Italy’s beauty, it must be felt, breathed in slow through the nose and released with a long, contented sigh of the unbelievable that you are privileged to witness. The scent of salty sea air, warmed by the strong summer sun but cool from the sea breeze it traveled on to reach me. Fresh lemon zest slush cold in my mouth. The love of my life’s hand strong and sweaty in mine. Mediterranean wind knotting my hair and I couldn’t care less because this is what being alive is supposed to feel like. This is why I endured the hour commute, the lame job, the long days. This is why I love Italy.


2 thoughts on “Costiera Amalfitana

  1. My husband and I have done the drive twice in a car and it is heart pounding. I can’t believe the crazy drivers that pass each other on the turns. Lovely photos.

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