RomaCinema and Proscuitto Crudo

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Been a fun week. Might have something to do with the success on Wednesday or the fact that our neighbor is home from Greece. Or that we had our first cinema experience here in Rome two nights ago. Nick has been dying to see Spiderman in theatre. We found one place in Rome that was playing it in English, so we hopped on a bus for the 9:00 show. Turns out, movies aren’t that big of a deal here, but the theatres are, complete with assigned seats, beautiful wooden floors and leather chairs. And, much to Nick’s surprise, the movie was shown in 3-D. I’m not sure which he was pleased with most, the old-school 3-D glasses, the chocolate-covered popcorn or the awkward intermission that took us by surprise.

Yesterday, Claudio invited us to go up to hill towns with him and his girl. We hopped in his car-share and headed for Rocca di Poppa, a small castle town high above and on the other side of the lake we love to swim in at Castel Gandolfo. It was beautiful and the fresh mountain air was a nice change from Rome’s heat. But the best part was stumbling upon a little group of old men in the town square who were feasting on freshly sliced prosciutto crudo and fresh fig. They invited us to join them, with one of the men handing me a piece of pizza bianca and showing me to layer it with the meat and fig. I’ve never had fresh fig and didn’t know what to do with it, and he could tell. So, he stopped me mid-bite and proceeded to smash a fig into my sandwich for me. They were thrilled to show us “Americani” their proud bounty and share the delicious food. Then we toasted small plastic cups of Peroni, Italian beer, and they just kept filling them up. It might have been a moment of heaven for me, as it felt like I was the female version of Anthony Bourdain (without all the swearing, of course).


One thought on “RomaCinema and Proscuitto Crudo

  1. What a wonder day…sharing lovely food with strangers and a wonderful view. Those are the moments that must make you think you have made the right decision on your move.

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