Bisnonno, Nonno…Yes, yes?

Well, we are fresh out of the Anagrafe office. After not sleeping til about 4am (because I was playing out various scenarios of what might happen at our meeting, which may have included scenes of me throwing noodles at the person who dared to turn me away), we rolled out of bed, hopped on a bus, my papers in hand, and went to the Anagrafe at 9am.

Ticket 91 was up when we grabbed ours–#94. The ticker stayed at 91 until well after Alfredo, now known as the Roman Hero, arrived at 9:30. This was our first time meeting, and he was like pure gold. He clearly understood the process we were going through, understood the discrepancies we had to address and understood Italian bureaucracy. But after an hour of still waiting for our number, I started to get nervous. Italians take their sweet old time, and this particular office was done taking their sweet old time at noon.

Outside the Roma Anagrafe with Alfredo the Roman Hero!

It was 11am when our #94 was called. We walked in, sat at the desk of an old lady (who was super rude last time), and I let Alfredo do the talking. She didn’t want to help us and told him we shouldn’t be doing this process if we can’t even speak the language. While I returned her rude look to her, I thought, “Alright, I get it. But law says I can do this and I’m pretty sure you’ve got to do your job. Don’t make me throw noodles at you!” He told her we were learning and studying hard and will speak Italian soon. I was really hoping things didn’t have to get rude, or come with a fight or us (me) making a scene. Over the next 45 minutes, she asked questions about my bisnonno (great grandfather) and my nonno (grandfather), and I watched Alfredo work his magic. Slowly, the old lady warmed up to him. Whaddya know!? It really turned to our advantage when he dropped the line “I work at the Vatican.” She liked hearing that.

I really don’t know what else happened from there, except that she took all my papers, wrote down a whole bunch of info, put a ROMA CAPITALE letterhead paper on top of it with my name, stamped it “CITTADINANZA” (citizenship) and put it in a hefty, gray envelope. I got a receipt saying Rome has my papers and will call in a week or so to let me know the next step.

So…all that to say, we’re still not certain what will come of this, but it is a small step closer. When they call back we’ll find out if they’ll give us what we need to submit our permesso di soggiorno. While that wouldn’t necessarily mean I get my citizenship, it would mean we can stay to go through the process (up to 1-2 years). Bravo!


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