Catholicism, Centurions and Corks

Last night we had a reminder we live in Rome, as in Catholic Rome, home of the Vatican and Popes and nuns and Mary and funny robes. We were at home eating dinner when we heard strange, dirge-like horn music, like a tape was dragging. At first I thought it was someone’s TV, but it grew louder until I finally investigated out the window. Coming down our street was a motorcade of sorts, police led, with nuns, a small band, and a parade of people following a very large image of Mary. Their parade grew larger as they came down the street, people old and young joining in and reciting the prayers a woman broadcasted via mic from a car. Not sure what is was all about, maybe a Saint’s day or maybe just life in Rome?

Today we went across the Tiber to Trastevere to meet with Virginia. I call her the face of hope, because if she did it (get citizenship), I can do it. She hooked us up with the name and number of a legit Roman (I may or may not be picturing him in original red and gold Roman garb, complete with sandals, shield and SPQR tattoo) with a legit Roman accent (which is a big deal here) who is willing to go back to the Anagrafe with me and fight our case in Italian. Because we’re not leaving without a fight. If that fails, we’ll head south to San Marco dei Cavoti, where my family is from, and try a go at it there. I wanted adventures… guess I’m getting them!

When we were leaving the bar in Trastevere we walked down this cobblestone street that had wine corks between all the cracks. So, like a tourist, I took a picture.

Ah, Italy.


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