The 4th and The 500

The fourth of July came and went for us. Strange to not be spending those days selling fireworks at our stands back home, but a HUGE thanks to Andrew, Sean, Kara and their crew for covering our butts and killin’ it! Great job, guys!

Instead of fireworks, we accepted the invite to go out with friends. Man, Italians are hard on the budget! Almost every night we get invited out. No complaints here, really, but it seems we’ve befriended some *ahem* wealthier Italians. There are cocktails, then apertivos, then drinks, then gelato, then it’s 2am! And instead of taking the Metro or the bus or walking, we get picked up in a shiny new VW to drive the 5 minutes across town. It’s really kind of neat to experience the city from the backseat of a car, realizing that for our new friends, Rome is their Olympia. Everyday stuff. No biggie. Oh, zipping past the Colesseum? Parking in a famous Piazza? Normal. Yawn.

Speaking of driving, everyday I pass this cute little car.  I want the cute little car. Few days ago, I noticed that cute little car has a VENDESI sign (‘for sale’). It’s blue, it’s pint size, has a button-top sunroof, original ROMA plates and a giant umbrella in the back seat, which I take as a sign of it saying “Take me with you when you leave!” Which I just might do. No, seriously. It’s gonna be mine.

It’s a Fiat Cinquecento (500) and has just a 2 cylinder engine! See, I told you it was cute. So cute I have to lean over to get in the pic with it. Manda, it makes the Mini Cooper look enormous! But I think they could still be friends!


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